Agent pushing fixed term contract


I’ve rented a flat on a fixed term of 6 months. I believe it automatically turned into a periodic tenancy when this ended a month ago. My landlord sold my flat and a new managing agency is in charge now, but it was said they would agree to the old agreement.

The new agency wants me to sign a 12 month fixed term agreement at an increased monthly rent starting at the beginning of next month. I only have a 5 months of a 12 month contract left with my company so I feel I don’t have the job security to sign something like this. What rights do I have? I presume at the moment I’m still covered by my periodic agreement so if I decline, I’m still covered by the rules of this, so they must give me two months notice to kick me out. Is this correct?

Also, I thought they weren’t allowed to increase my rent with less than a months notice. Or does the fact it’s a new contract change mean they can?

I’ve not talked to the agency yet but I was hoping to understand my position before negotiating. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Hope, lots going on here - very complicated! :confounded:

Let’s go through a few things…

Firstly, the rent rise. You have to agree to the rent rise. If you refuse, then the landlord/agent can’t do anything except give you a (in this case, since you’re out of your fixed term) section 21 notice to leave in 2 months.

To increase your rent, they will have to send you a section 13 rent rise notice.

You could try and reduce the fixed term on offer, but they might well refuse and simply start looking for a tenant who can stay for longer, and who will pay the higher rent.

If you feel the rent rise is too much, then you can challenge it at a tribunal. Go to the page I linked before for more info!

Because you’re out of the fixed term of your tenancy, then you are not in a very secure position.

If you only have 4.5 months left of your current work contract, perhaps best to get your work security sorted out first, then decide whether to find a new place that’s cheaper?

Oh and yes you will get 2 months’ notice before you are evicted if that’s what they try to do.

I didn’t realise that could happen! So is it better to go for a longer fixed term to begin wtih or is it OK to get to the end of the fixed term and then renew??