EU tenants after hard brexit

Hi All, never really asked a question in chat rooms before… but this question is bugging me and as usual with Brexit questions…you never get a straight answer… ok

As landlords, we are liable for renting out properties to illegal immigrants. But if we have a hard Brexit, doesn’t almost all European tenants, become technically illegal?

Hi Dipak, this is a big question and I think there are two key factors to determining the long term answer to it.


This is true now because of the Right to Rent Check. But it seems likely that this will be scrapped as part of the general move away from the ‘hostile environment’ to immigration. You can see what the parties promise on this in there manifestos. We have a guide to party manifestos here

If Right to Rent is scrapped, then landlords will be at much less risk from penalties if letting to people without the right documentation to remain in the UK. The High Court has already criticised the policy, although it has not struck it down.


This depends entirely on the settlement that is reached between the UK and the EU on citizens’ rights. That will not be settled until after the election and, depending on its result, perhaps not for months or over a year after.