Right to Rent Attacked by High Court

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A verdict of the High Court has slammed the Government’s Right to Rent scheme, calling it “discriminatory”, with “little or not effect” on immigration. This comes after a case brought by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. They presented evidence that, in cases where tenants could not provide a UK passport, landlords were…

I have no problem with right to rent checks. If they are illegal I do not want them in my property. Not everyone has a passport but but there are other ways to check ie hmrc letters. If they pay tax then they have the right to work also bank accounts have checks. Too much interference from people who earn a very nice living fighting for no good reason.


I always seek appropriate landlord/bank/employer references from prospective tenants and consider that most effective. Right to Rent checks are a product of anti-immigration prejudice reinforced by a right wing government’s inflammatory “hostile environment” policies. Policies which have contributed to the epidemic of hate crime this traditionally tolerant country is having to endure.

I disagree this has not inflamed hostility in this country. People are too ready to shout racism which it is not or racial hatred. It is that cry that feeds hostility not something that actually affects anyone if you have nothing to hide. It certainly does not bother me that if I want a bank account etc I have to give proof of who I am and where I have lived previously. I do not see that as racism or as inflammatory. When it was suggested that cctv on our streets should be introduced the outcry was invasion of privacy. Again a load of nonsense I would much rather feel safe. The only people who wouldn’t want it are people with something to hide and that applies to both subjects.

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Requiring proof of identity and previous addresses is perfectly reasonable. Acting as a virtual Border Force Officer under penalty of criminal conviction and heavy fine is not. Many UK born citizens do not have passports. Irish citizens do not need a passport to enter the UK. Unless Brexit changes the rules, all EU and UK citizens currently have mutual rights to travel, live and work anywhere in the EU. I support the High Court’s verdict.

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