Evicting my tenant

I have issued a section 21 notice to my tenant and move out date is 12 Feb 22. She is pregnant with her 6th child and in a 3 bedroom house, 3 boys in one bedroom, a girl in another small bedroom and the baby in her room. I want to start the eviction process ASAP after 12th Feb, is it worth doing this or shall I wait until housing find her another house? She is on benefits and the baby will be due in about 4/5 months.

You should begin court proceedings straight after the notice expires. If you don’t, the Council will do nothing and not attempt to re-house her. They will likely advise her to remain there until the day before the bailiffs. You will be lucky to get her out before she gives birth with the current court times.

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Council will tell her to stay put until she’s notified the bailiffs are coming. Especially with such a large family they’ll have a hard time finding a house that they can offer.

(Personally I think it’s ridiculous they won’t allow large families the option of a smaller house, but I’m an advocate of tiny houses and that doesn’t change the regulations)

It’s kind that you want to make it easier, but it’s actually more in her favor to start the proceedings.