Eviction when served section 21 pre Corona Virus?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice. We are selling our house.
Informed the tenants. They want to get a council house so asked us to serve them a section 21 almost straight away. We were happy to do this.

We’ve now accepted an offer on our house. The two month notice from the section 21 ends next month.

Housing association have informed tenants about their right to reside at our house until eviction warrant is served. Our plan was to go to court to get one. Still have good relationship with tenants but they don’t want to lose their priority status they get from being at risk.

All was fine until I saw the Corona virus eviction bans. Does anyone know if we can seek eviction as we already served section 21 and it wasn’t in relation to non payment? Or is it blanked eviction bans.

Worried we will lose our buyers.


I had my warrant for repossession - bailiffs were ordered for thursday next week and a phone call arrived thursday this week, the bailiffs are not going to perform (even existing) evictions for 12 weeks minimum (ESSEX). The tenant is rejoicing, is now withholding rent, not communicating, and has been given more information than me by the Bailiffs. I can’t get any communication regarding housing benefit being paid to tenant with TENDRING council, who cite data protection. :frowning:

when its all over dont take any more housing benefit tenants and leave the council to sort them out. if we all do that it will teach the coucils a lesson

Hi I think you can apply yourself to Universal Credit - you need tenant name and date of birth - presuming they are being paid UC or could you persuade them to apply? Here’s a link

I’m in a similar position - served section 21 - no rent for over a month now!! and now have to wait 3 months to start the process…

Unfortunately the tenant has to agree -
My tenant has vacated - whoopee! But with the unpaid rent. The council and Universal Credit has stonewalled me, the landlord. So the tenant has received rent payments, kept them, complicit with the authorities. It is institutional theft.

do not take anyone else on benefit

I agree with colin. Give it up with the benefit claimants. A small minority ruin it for everyone I am afraid but it is not up to landlords to bear that risk.

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I’ve had a tenant in my property for over a year was due to evict and courts to evict them due to Covid delayed another 3 months . Court fees paid but there’s now a back log ? Don’t know what to do