Ex tenant harassing with legal action

Hi all, I’ll try to keep it short. My ex tenant who moved out more than 1 year ago is threatening to take me to court because he believes I didn’t protect his tenancy deposit. The thing is at the time they moved in I had an agreement with his partner at the time, that I won’t take deposit because they had some financial difficulties. I want to mention that she is a good friend of mine and I just wanted to be a good friend too. She still lives at the property which he left without any communication 2 months before tenancy contract was suppose to finish. They have dispute over their child (ongoing courts etc.) and I believe that what he’s doing is to get her suffer. Has anyone had a similar situation and what my options would be? Many thanks

If you have never taken a deposit there is no issue
You have nothing to worry about


What does the tenancy agreement say about the deposit? If it says that there was one, its is easy for the ex tenant to claim that it was paid in cash and you failed to protect it. The judge will just go by what the tenancy agreement says. You should speak to your friend, his partner, and ask her to confirm in writing to you that a deposit was never paid.

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