Landlord threatens to take court action

Hi guys. I left the property where I lived in Bristol a month ago. I gave notice to my landlord in due time, payed the last month of rent, left the keys and left the property. Everything was quite transparent and easy. Now the landlord is threatening to take court action if i don´t pay him 1600 pounds claiming that i haven´t payed him the last months of rent. Problem is that during my lease contract, I payed him in cash and there is no paper or document saying that he has received the money every month. He has called me several times again threatening me about how he would take action if i didn´t gave him this money that i already payed. When i signed the contract back in 2019, i remember putting my home address in my country, as it was a mandatory field, and now i have received a letter addressed to my parents saying basically the same: that i owe him money. I am well over age and my parents have never been my guardians or anything like that. Fortunately my parents are aware of the situation and this didn´t caught them off guard.
The lease by the way was quite dodgy: besides paying in cash, my deposit was never secured, there were three of us living in the property and there was a double lease contract, one signed by me and by one of the other tenants, and another separate one for the other one, as for the Council there were only two of us living in the property. He also never fixed dates before showing up, banging the door until, if someone was in, finally opened, and in the last months he just came into the property without permission.
Question is, can court action be taken from UK if i am currently living in Spain (and with no plans of moving back to UK in the short term)? I am applying for a position were i need a clean criminal record and this kind of actions may have a negative impact on me, but i don´t want to pay something i have already payed.
Can his attitude be considered harassment?

sounds as if he was on the fiddle. If I were the tenant I would threaten revealing all to the council and the taxman , Such idiots deserve no less . I bet that shuts him up.

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You can also Sue him for not protecting your deposit for up to three times the amount. Tell him that too.

Did you ever get your deposit back?

Next time he calls tell him you’re planning to instruct a no win no fee lawyer to sue for a deposit penalty and that you think its your civic duty to inform HMRC about all the rent he’s been receiving.