Landlord section 21 notice because I wanted a rent reduction (I am Self Employed)

Hi All,

Received section 21 from the landlord on the 31st July my Private AST expires today 27th. Was given 3 months notice which takes me to the 10th of November. Will I get another section 21?

I was on a 6 months ATS.started 27th March, The rental property in my area is very quiet, what will happen if I don’t find anything by the 10th and can’t move out?

Thanks in advance Lorraine

evictions are a 6 month basis now so the landlord may be cutting his own throat

Thanks, Colin, what do you mean? “6-month basis now”

the landlord has to give a 6 month notice dependant on when he gave you the notice

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Oh so on the 10th November he has to give me 6 months notice?

when did he give you notice? 10th november not applicable

my section 21 from the landlord on the 31st July giving my 3 months notice till the 10th November.

6 month rule does not apply , he got the notice in before the law change

Thanks for your help

look on gov. uk website on evictions. very clear.

I did -saw this

Possession proceedings during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

We have made regulations extending the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020, meaning that from 29 August 2020 landlords will not be able to start possession proceedings in most circumstances unless they have given their tenants six months’ notice. Shorter notice periods will apply to certain cases where the landlord wants to evict the tenant because of rent arrears of 6 months or more, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse or false statement.

they have not started possession proceedings

maybe he is not going to proceed then. . He may have trouble finding another tenant. What percentage cut in rent did you ask for?

i dont see that you have to worry in the immediate future as the court system is well behind in workload.

They wouldn’t engage in a conversation about it, I gave them an axample that my old place was 2500 and was reduced after he couldn’t sell to 2000. they offered me £50 off. rent is 2550. I was paying in advance.To top it off they have a rat problem that they wouldn’t pay for professionals. When I called out Rentokill to do a servey they told me I had a rat infestation. it lasted for about 45 days, in the garden, in the walls and in the ceiling

that rent is mind bogling to me up north. You must be in London… up on merseyide you could rent a 2 bed flat in a sought after area for £600 a month… £2500 would easily get a 6 bed detatched luxury in half acre garden. Seen the rats , disgraceful


I have a nice 2 bed flat in Hull, rent is £380. I have a better one in Hessle, £400. My tenants never move, probally rent to cheap. I am happy what I am making and have an easy life with good tenants. Why be greedy and give myself more hassle.


Saw the rats. Get Environmental Health involved (but don’t hold your breath for action).

leslie 1 totally agree no hasle is best ,lower rents tenants for 20 years , no voids works for me You can tell the greedy landlords on this site. maybe they are are stitched up with mortgages, No need for that worry