Faulty hob - Need to replace?

Hi so I’m looking to rent out a property of mine. One of the hobs in a 4-hob unit is faulty, insofar as the thermostat is broken, so it’s only settings are off or max heat. All the other hobs however work perfectly, plus the oven. So I’m just wondering is it my obligation as a landlady to replace the entire 4-hob unit, or even do anything at all, since there are certainly ample working cooking facilities left? FYI the property is not currently being rented, but I’m hoping to get a tenant in soon.

You will need to get a gas/electric safety certificate anyway, get them to fix it

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As with everything, just put yourself in their shoes. What would you think / want it you were renting a property and something was there that didn’t work :frowning:

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totally correct if one thing is not working, what else may be faulty ? Likely the most poular ring is the broken one

Get the repair guy into fix it
I did that with mine
A lot cheaper than a new one and better for the environment

If its gas then you must have all rings working by law according to my gas specialist.

if that hob burner can be lit by a lighter and works the whole unit need not be replaced as long as it is not a gas hazard