Broken hob. They say they can’t pay until the end of their new AST

Hiya & thank you everyone for being so helpful over the few months.

My lovely tenants are renewing their tenancy with a new AST. They broke the ceramic hob & emailed me a few months ago. They were very apologetic & totally their fault etc. This is all in writing. I asked for photos & it looked like only a small nick on the edge but last week I was there & it’s actually cracked (hairline) and they have been using it all this time. Eek. I’m guessing that wouldn’t pass electric certification? I’ve sent a photo to my electrician waiting for comment. I keep telling them we have to sort out payment for the hob before a new contract. The hob had only just been installed 2 days before they moved in. I got a message saying they couldn’t pay until the end of the contract. I thought they meant the end of this one but I’m sure now they mean the next AST but that’s not allowed is it?

Also, I should probably tell them to stop using hob until it can be replaced (obviously soon in next couple days) ?

It’s obviously safe to a certain extent as they’ve been using it for a couple months. I had no idea it was cracked.

They also mentioned only one the last week that it was very fragile. It’s a main brand & not the cheapest. That’s a tricky one. I guess they can argue this? It’s a normal ceramic hob.

I’ve agreed to contact the maker to see if they will exchange. But I still need the old one paid for BEFORE the new tenancy or at least some kind of agreement in place to accept fault and a payment plan?

I’ve never had this situation before & they are really easy going lovely tenants.

What is the norm for dealing with this?

And while we are on this note, can their deposit just remain in DPS? Or do we need to go through the entire process again? I’ve put into the contract that deposit is already in DPS from previous AST.

Thank you in advance.

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If you are signing a new AST make sure all issues are settled before the new one.
If you are signing a new AST I would advise you to do an exit inventory at this stage and deal with all issues before moving forward
Can you not just continue the contract as a periodic? It would be much easier.
As long as landlord , tenant and address are identical you don’t need to do anything with the deposit.
Don’t forget to reserve all documents

What do you mean “reserve” all documents?

My electricuan has replied, you need to change it. So who pays for the installation? This was brand new hob.

And they want an AST but their contract ends 21st so there’s no time now to sort this out as it will have rolled into periodic. What happens if they still want it? It’s a big hassle.

The reason I’m happy for AST is because I need to release equity which requires a 6 month AST

why dont you tell them to get it replaced.?

The tenant broke it the tenant pays for new hob and install
If you start a new AST reserve gas certificate, How to rent guide, EICR , EPC, Data Information Notice, Rent book ( if applicable) .
If the contract reads statutory periodic reserve said documents ( vs periodic or contractual).
You would also need new guarantor agreement with new AST
It’s your choice not theirs. It is a big hassle. Your advantage is that you have a fixed term but it’s a lot of paperwork.
Unless you are increasing rent I would leave as is.

I’ve just had the electric certification less than 6 months ago as was just before they moved in. And boiler gas safety check just before they moved in. So I will have to re-do that? Will google “reserve” etc.

They said they can’t even afford to pay me the cost by the end of this tenancy. But according to the credit check, they earn loads 4x more than I’ve ever earned. But they are lovely & trying to buy their first flat. But I guess that’s not my problem?

so saving up to move out and paying rent . As you said not your problem They need to pay out of their savings >

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My tenant just confirmed she will pay cash when I told her it will need to go to Periodic.

What happens if it rolls into periodic? Can we still do an AST the following month?

Still don’t understand if I have to redo EVERYTHING if we go to AST.

If you need to serve s21 on a new AST you need to have served all documents in advance
It has to be treated like a new tenancy from scratch
You don’t have to order new gas ( unless it has expired etc) you have to send valid in date documents in advance of contract being signed
Just email all documents before contract is signed

You can do AST when you want
I have let it roll to periodic after 6 months but at 18 months there was a rent increase so I did a new AST ( so it is not disputable) with new guarantor agreement and everything else
This might be an opportune time to get a new contract if you do want to do a new AST

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Ah Thank you!! I’m fine to re-serve everything. It’s all in one place on open rent. Everything is in date etc.

Are you allowed to ask your tenant to replace an electrical item such as a hob?

Yes, if they have broken it this way. Not if something breaks through normal wear and tear.

yes if they have damaged it
We charged our tenants to replace a gas hob as they had tampered with the ignitors on the burners and the gas chap failed it
However DPS reduced the claim amount alleging that we had charged too much

We had confirmation in writing that they admitted to causing the damage
However I think my mistake was not to have a detailed receipt from the gas chap
I have subsequently learnt your workmen needs to write an essay of what was wrong and why it need replacing and that damage is beyond fair wear and tear
I did appeal but they do inhouse appeals and have no ombudsman
Bit of a farce
If this was me I would ask for remuneration now rather than later. With 5 weeks deposit damages can add up and you may not have enough to cover damages for the full duration of their let


this is a typical reason why I do not put in a fridge , washing machine ,oven. hob, dishwasher I leave spaces for them and put in the electrics and pipework , ,then they can buy their own . No hassle

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We are sorting it. They are being very reasonable. They are buying hob as we speak. But my new question is about installation. I installed it in the first place. It’s very simple & my electrician did the certification at same time as everything else just before they moved in. But if I install it again being the same exact hob, dies that invalidate the certificate?

Normally, I would get them to pay installer which they are fine about but it’s the timing as their tenancy ends Wednesday

Ha I say “normally”. I’ve never been in this situation beforehand

New hob needs new certification. You cannot run off the last certificate