Find decent tenants in the time of COVID

Does anyone have any tips on finding decent tenants during these difficult times? Now approaching a long void period, the property is in great condition with brilliant transport links and outdoor space but still struggle to find decent tenants even with 15% reduction on the typical let price for the type of property.
Lots of interest on Openrent, reduced down after screening but no decent offer materialise.

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Unfortunately I had the same, prices keep getting lower. I sadly had to rely on an estate agent in the end. I wasn’t get enough inquiries through OpenRent alone and the offers I did recieve turned out to be unsuitable

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Probably the current climate. I never had too much trouble finding tenants who passed referencing but 1 dropped out because they couldnt provide the info asked for another failed but success with the 3rd. If they still had to pay their own I doubt this would happen as often.


It’s easy to say but don’t rent to anyone for the sake of it. Get a bad tenant you will have many many months of financial stress and pain.

Use FB, Gumtree, lots on online companies, Agents last.

One thing is certain Covid has changed the world and that things we took for granted, can be no more.

If you really get desperate you could try a long term contract with the council but make sure you get one which will return the property in the exact same condition as let, they do all the Maintenance, servicing, repairs and renewals. You get less income but less expense. Not all councils do it and you have no control who uses your property but do get it back as initially let.

As I say last option if you’re in a place you cannot afford to be.

Thanks Filippo1, Christine2 & Brian7

Taken all your suggestions on board, agents are struggling too, have found FB & Gumtree intolerable (messaging that don’t seem to progress anywhere).

I have been approached by a company that has offered a commercial contract for 3 years (apparently they rent to the council) but their rate is quite low, and I will lose control/worried about all the horror stories others have posted.

In order to be proactive, I wonder if any of you have had any experience of managing a houseshare? What are the pros & cons of renting by the room, and any pitfalls to avoid? I appreciate these types of arrangements often include all bills (council tax, water, electric & gas, broadband?) I am fortunate, that only houses with 5 or more tenants require a licence in my area, so I shouldn’t need one.

Just brainstorming options as winter can be quite difficult to let at the best of times.

Don’t be disheartened , have set of questions a potential tenant has to answered satisfactorily. Stick to them.

Re the long term contracts, you state your min price not them.

Make sure that the property will be returned in the same condition as let, repairs, renewals and all maintenance, gardening, gutters, window cleaning, windows cleaned, gas and electric updates and servicing, all admin, professional deep clean at the end of contract, keeping up with legislation , all insurance policies and to guarantee the contract in case of the companies failure. Make sure what constitutes the need for replacement, ie the level of damage to kitchen units and tops .

You may get your min price but you have your income for 3 years and the property back as let. Like most things in life if the contract is right and backed up it’s a better deal.

Beware of middle men as they want their cut

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Consider short term : AirBandB perhaps? corporate rentals?

Thank you for your reply Ewa1, it prompted me to look at my airBandB listing, turns out I have had 9 views in the last 30 days…

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Thats great to hear! :slight_smile: I ve used AirBandB for renting my spare room in the past and 2 of my week long bookings converted into 2 and 4 years rentals. best of luck

Be cautious with rent to rent
This is not an AST but a contract

Get legal advice
Make sure their is a forfeit clause if party doe not pay rent