Finding New Homes

Has it become easier to find a new flat since covid?

People are talking of 20% reductions in rental prices, so more options should be available.

However, it seems like in these trying times Land-Lords have become pickier on their contract terms, trying to secure themselves tenants for longer periods. Making it harder to find a good rolling contract that pleases both sides.

Should the balance be Pay More for Less expecting turnover, or long terms for less money?

Seems like the lose/lose aftermath of compromise.

Is it just me that has noticed this?

I don’t agree with that analysis. I don’t think landlords are pickier in order to get longer tenancies. I think they’re pickier because once a tenant is in, its currently practically impossible to get them out in anything under 12-18 months. The forums are full of stories of landlords whose tenants have just stopped paying the rent or who are behaving anti-socially and their landlords can do little about it.

I have just advertised a 2 bed flat and have a 1 bed coming up at the end of this month. In both cases I will offer 6 month fixed terms that then become periodic. There is no reason to change this. Those landlords that have always sought longer tenancies will presumably continue to do so.

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