Finding a suitable apartment

The agent has refused to come fix some damaged properties in the room I rented.

After promises of coming to fix it I have paid him two months rent and 5weeks holding deposit.

He he just concerned about money, should I hold on to one month rent till he comes to fix it or I fix it myself and then share him the receipt. I am sick and tired of this agent

What is damaged? Is it something the landlord/agent is definitely obliged to fix?

The shower has heating problems, can’t be regulated. The door was broke before I moved in with the promise that he will fix it in 2-3days

This is over 3months and he still hasn’t fix it.

Should I still continue paying monthly rent or I hold on till he comes fix it.

Because it’s becoming annoying

Look on the Shelter website. There should be a process detailed on there that allows you to pay for it yourself and deduct from the rent, but you have to follow the process exactly.