Finding Corporate tenants

Dear all,

I’m about to formally enter the landlord market and looking to rent out our place to corporate tenants Ie I will form a non-assured tenancy contract with a Company who will then provide the property to their staff as they see fit (those on FTC work, secondments etc)

Question is how do I go about finding “Corporate clients” - I have seen the ad on OR re: £29 to get on all “major online platforms” - can I specify my requirements there or how would I go about this?

Should I ring around offices and talk directly? (I live off the M4 corridor so no short amount of head offices I can ring and ask for HR dept)

You should read about the potential issues with company lets and rent to rent.

Thanks I’m doing research etc - can you point me in the right direction to that info?

Google “rent to rent”

This is not “rent to rent” as the property occupant isn’t paying any sub-rent to the company taking out the tenancy. They are just providing a roof for their employees and they pay them a salary not the other way round.

…So it’s just “rent”

got That .So you will have no control over who they put in ?

You need to make sure that the contract you have with the company restricts the usage to what you describe and that they cant sub-let it to anyone they dont employ

Need to do more research and speak to some local agents, but I can see this is where you can set out some minimum criteria in your T&Cs in the contract with the corporation

Eg occupant must be senior level staff and above (Ie full employee with decent income), use of only 1 car space etc.

The overall issue is our place is a small mid-terrace which was our first step on the property ladder, and was originally a 3-bed but was down-converted to a decent 2-bed by previous owners.

We have done it up to a high standard (being proud first timers etc) and we don’t feel a family with kids is suitable for the space, it will just get wrecked. Therefore we felt more suited to professionals needing a place for a year or two when transferred from abroad to UK or put on secondment to another role/office

Links wise we are on doorstep of 2 main motorways and 30min from Heathrow

Thanks yes that’s the idea - ie I set my own terms

Also Doing a non-assured company tenancy means (as I understand) they aren’t covered under standard AST rules for rent increases, eviction etc - it’s just common law rules. (Not that I plan to do anything unfair!) just gives me some more control over the arrangement.

As Rent is paid by an established company (Ie they good for the money) there’s much less risk of any cash flow issues. Also a lot of the time the place will be left empty as they don’t have anyone to fill it but my rent will still be guaranteed each month

With FTE occupants once would expect much less wear to the place (Ie they will be out most of the day, maybe even weekends if they fly home then) so they won’t be rinsing the boiler, leccy and amenities

All these is why I’m considering it

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