Letting Flat to Companies

I’m a new landlord trying to let me new flat (new build) in a prime location, I have been approached by several companies who wants to let the flat to their corporate clients.

They are offering lot of perks but want long term 3 to 5yrs, would like to know what are the risks? Is it safe or will they been major problems at a later date? Please advise.

I see all companies who are interested are registered with Companies House in the last 6 to 8 months only.

google Rent to Rent . Do not do it

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Thank you.

I will research.

This type of arrangement does not have a good reputation

If it’s not being wanted for a rent to rent and it’s only for a company to let to their clients it can have benefits. I rented to a Cricket club who housed a very famous cricketer. They signed a contract that held them responsible for all rent paid all utilities and all expenses that may have been incurred that would not be covered by the bond. You have a strong position when they are a corporate client providing you have them accept on your terms. However if they are a rent to rent stay well clear as they run and keep running if they get a problem tenant and the law is not on your side.

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This is how it starts.

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