Fire doors for flats

Hi all, does anyone know what the regs are around fire doors? My BTL flat is on the 2nd floor of a 3 storey purpose built 1980s building. There is a fire door at the flat entrance leading on to the shared stairwell already. Do I need a Fire door between the kitchen and the living room? The Council seems to think I do! Currently there is no door at all.

If its your property then you can do what you like . But if the Council are involved in something , like they are the tenants , then you have to comply with their rules

Hi Peter, I’m letting this privately to a private tenant i.e. no council involvement. But the council has still asked for a fire door to the kitchen claiming fire regs compliance. I can’t see any such fire regs compliance so am wondering if I’m dealing with an overzealous officer and I need to push back.

you cannot do as you wish in your property A kitchen has to have a door to it UNLESS you have a system of smoke alarms .I know which is the cheaper

Without understanding the floor plan of your property it is very hard to answer the question. You could get a professional assessment. It is important they if there was a fire in the kitchen it would not impeded the exit from the flat from the bedrooms etc. We had no door between the kitchen and the dining room so our fire door is between the dining room and the hall. Again pretty difficult to understand without a floor plan. I assume you are applying for a licence to rent or have a small HMO. Professional advice can really help.

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