Does my flat require fire doors?

Question, should my rental flat have fire doors? Are they a requirement I’m not meeting or are they by choice? And the location of them multiple or front door only? Or everywhere?

a flat should have a fire door Itumescent strip ,thumb key lock. Best ask local building control

It’s not in a block, it’s a converted house, converted a very long time ago.
do you think it’s the same? I’ve had the flat for 10 years and rented it out for over 4

i have a converted house into 3 flats. I put fire doors in 20 years ago. Better safe than sorry

Not a legal requirement, but will likely be a licensing requirement if you have an HMO or Selective Licensing

Usual demand from Building Regs is a fire door between the kitchen and any exits that may be used as a fire escape (usually front door as a minimum). We renovated our home in 2017 and had to have this as well as intumescent strips around all bedroom doors as well. All of our doors are rated fire doors. Seems sensible in my view. As Colin says, for rental properties, fire escape doors should be unlockable from the inside without keys. Thumb turn for mortice lock is the easy solution.

Fire doors also need a door closer, bit of a pain these. Also should be hung on 3 hinges (but not a lot of inspectors know that one). hinges steel or cast iron , (not plastic/nylon )