Fire Doors whose responsibility is it

The leasehold property i own and am looking to rent out has recently had a fire inspection and recommends new doors to apartments that open on to the common areas. The freeholder has said i need to pay for this? I dont believe i do, responsibility lies with the freeholder
surely. Any thoughts?

Leaseholders typically pay into a sinking fund to cover things like this. They are often underfunded as management take hefty fees to keep their Mercs on the road.

A freeholder will typically be required to do the work and will recover costs from the lessees.

Are you paying a service charge to a management company?

Often after work like this the service charge goes up the following year.

The recent Building Safety Act 2022 made a number of changes to freeholders responsibilities in blocks of flats. This will likely mean he has to change all the front doors of all the flats amongst other things, although its likely that your lease allows him to re-charge his costs through a service charge or one-off payment to leaseholders. I suggest you google the Act and send him some information. If he doesn’t respond, contact the Council.

I am one of 12 leaseholders in a block with the same issue. Although in our block it is the fire doors to the meter cupboards and the cupboard lining that isn’t up to the latest spec. The block is only 4 years old. The building owner is saying that the block was built to spec but due to the Grenfell fire new tighter regulations were brought in so the improvement works needed falls on the leaseholders. You have to read your lease. It will say somewhere that the leaseholders are responsible for changes in legislation.

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Have a look at the government website if the below applies, otherwise it’s most likely you maybe responsible for remediation works for fire safety compliance.

We had this arise many years ago as a result of an FRA. Our lease made us responsible for our flat entrance door. Also our window glass but not the frames, which seemed a bit weird.

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Interesting. Thanks. I will check oit the gov websites

Thank you. I will reread my lease and see if i can see anything.

I pay a service charge. The freeholder of which there are 6 (I am one of them), suggests we pay for our own doors if they open onto the common area. Not all doors do

You will need to read your lease, it will say who is responsible for what. It’s called demise. There will be a description of tenant’s demise and landlord’s demise.
Read also service charge section which will explain the mechanism for recharging costs.

Thanks. Useful tios. Much appreciated.

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