Landlord not fixing flat door

Hi during the really windy weather someone had left the front door of our block of flats open. It came off. Like the door just literally came off! So now we have no block front door. It has been like this since October! I have asked the landlord multiple times to fix this as rats keep coming into the block. (It’s a small 2 story block with 4 flats in he owns them all).

Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him fix this asap.


You can report it to the Council who can force him to comply. You could also sue him under the Fitness for Human Habitation legislation. There is also a procedure outlined on the Shelter website where you can get it fixed yourself and deduct the cost from the rent. It has to be properly followed though.

So, is he the freeholder of the building or just a leaseholder who happens to own the apartments in the building?

If he is freeholder it’s his responsibility. If he is leaseholder it’s not.

99% likely that the LL is a leaseholder . Assuming this he’s definitely not responsible for the communal entry door to the block. It’s the management company if there is one then the freeholder if no management company then the council on the grounds of health and safety. I’d even be tempted to get it changed and pay for it myself then bill the management company / freeholder if you have documented reporting plus inaction for an unacceptable length of time .

He owns all of the flats he’s fixed the door before when it came loose.

Right another issue. We have had no light in the bathroom for weeks. The electrician came out to fix it said he needed a new fixture so took the old light out now we just have a hole in the ceiling. There was a leak under the sink all my stuff under there got wrecked, cupboard is collapsing and now just found another leak in the bedroom cupboard had clothes in now they’re all ruined carpet in bedroom is ruined as all wet and damp.

have you told the landlord the elec man has not been back?

Have you spoken to the Council yet? If not, why not?

Hi. He owns the flats and the whole building so it’s his problem he keeps saying he’s sorting it tomorrow he’s had covid etc just constantly making up excuses. He keeps saying electrician wasn’t working over Christmas etc etc. I’m so drained with it all. Thinking of just moving out!! Have spoke to other tenants they are the same he won’t do any work for anyone. The windows aren’t double glazed is that illegal? The flats are so run down and we’re paying £410 for them. Is it bad for our health with the condensation? If I contact the council could they rehome me?

Not illegal to have single glazed windows …Have you been to the council ???

Not yet. Currently working out what evidence and stuff I need off him. He mostly does the talking on the phone instead of text or email so I’m going to start taking picture of everything and recording the phone calls. What other evidence do I need?

simply tell them your story . The evidence will be seen by their inspection of your place

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