First price rent move

Hi I’m viewing a few places in London to move to from Birmingham I want to use housing benefit as I’m on UC mother two boys I’m trying to grasp how when I pay a deposit to open rent how I will get a tenancy to show universal credits that I’ve changed address and also the landlord said he wants rent bank transferred would I give them his bank details as id want my rent paid straight to him as what I’m doing now
Then do I have to sign up to the local council If I’m with a private landlord I’m confused
Just hope everything goes well with me as it’s literallt just me and my sons here

You will get your tenancy agreement from the landlord to show UC.
You can give the landlords bank details to UC.
You will phone the local council to tell them you have moved.

I don’t know about Open Rent.

Thank you thank you think I’ve got it

  1. Make arrangements with landlord get tenancy

  2. Show UC and give landlord bank details

Would I sign up to the local council if I’m going private I’m basically going Birmingham to Lewisham London

Yes you would have to notify the local Council when you move into your address and notify the Council you are in at the moment the date on which you will be leaving.
Good luck.