Flat not fire safe due to corroded fire escape should I...?

I have recently discovered the fire escape ladder from my flat has corroded meaning it looks likely it is currently unsafe. Given that should a fire happen my tenants might not be able to escape, I am getting it repaired ASAP. My question is in the meantime, should I suspend rent payments, and ask my tenants to not live in the flat or anything like that? Would I need to pay for accomodation for them? If they wanted to stay in the flat, would I be at fault if I let them?

Any advice much appreciated.

I used to own a flat in a 3 storey building with a metal fire escape outside. The fire escape was no longer an essential part of the fire safety requirements, but building regs prevented us from removing it. I wouldnt automatically assume that the property is now dangerous to occupy. If you want to check, you can get a Fire Risk Assessment done.

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Thanks, I will get the manager to get a new FRA if there is any doubt.