Flat or Apartment

What’s in a name? I have a 2 bed ground floor home to rent. The only option on OpenRent is to classify it as a ‘flat’ . When I look on Rightmove all other homes in the area are classified as Apartments. Can the options on the listing page be changed? It makes mine sound downmarket , what does anyone else think?

flat is english, apartment is american .

never found an issue with it myself.

Yes but her question is obviously not that.

Can you classify properties as appartments on OpenRent, and if not, why? @openrent

I agree apartment sounds classier and I bet ‘apartments’ fetch a better market price than ‘flats’

It’s all marketing at the end of the day.

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would be surprised if tennants noticed the difference !

theyve told me they only look at photos and price

Thank you Moneyman, I think apartment sounds classier. When I search on Rightmove for my postcode 9/10 are called apartments - the odd one out is mine :weary:

Looks like technically it’s the same thing (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/apartment). Not sure why Rightmove makes the distinction. Maybe you’re right apartment is ‘classier’, Gaynor, although I’d agree that it’s probably not a major factor.

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What is down market about flat? Theres crummy flats and equaly crummy apartments. Get your pictures right and the flat will sell itself assuming your flat/apartment is up to scratch.