Landlord name is different from registered owner

Hi I’m currently going through the rental process. I just searched via land registry and found out that the owner shown is different from the landlord (whose name on the contract)
I have asked him for the ID and proof of property but I’m not sure if it’s still trustworthy in this situation? Besides this everything seems not suspicious. I viewed the flat in person, I saw the landlord greeted the current tenants and apparently they knew each other, and he showed different candidates for the viewing as well. This landlord is verified, joined years ago and has more than 5 properties advertised on openrent, and it was listed on Rightmove that’s where I found it, we also paid all fees though rent now, so I just don’t see it can be a scam…Any advice?

Is this in London?

It’s quite possible that he is a sub-landlord. He himself rents the property from the owner, and then rents it on to tenants while also dealing with any day to day issues.

You might ask for proof of this arrangement and that he has permission to sublet.

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Thank you for ur advice. So he claimed that the property is under his partner’s name. Do you have any idea what kind of stuff should I ask for as a proof that he can let this flat to me in this situation? Appreciate it.

You have right to ask for Title of Deeds in the name of the partner.

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I think you are only allowed to see what is on the land registry, I know for a fact a tenant has no right to speak or ask via letter the name on land registry.

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Also is it necessary that the legal owner’s name also on the tenancy agreement? Because so far its only the landlord’s name on contract. Im just confused that how should I know he has the consent to let this property. Im not sure i can ask for the proof of their relationship since its personal information.

We showed original when asked. T wanted to make sure that we’re legal owners. We had no problem with it.

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There’s no need for the owner’s name to be on a contract between a sub-landlord and sub-tenants.

While the sub-landlord is likely to be unwilling to disclose the exact nature of his arrangement with the owner, he should be able to show at least some evidence of it. For example correspondence or better yet a contract he’s signed with the owner, even if he chooses to black out any figures.

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Actually, it would have been a concern to me, too. A very valid point. Just want to say that LL, who have nothing to hide, are usually transparent and have no problem showing you any proof you may need (within reason, not sure about your situation).

Possibly you could ask Rightmove if property was advertised on their site. LL have to prove ownership or they are letting the property on behalf of the owner. If this is the case the legal owner would have to sign a document giving consent.

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