Form 4 or Section 13 not sure what to use

Hi, My tenant has been on a periodic tenancy for 5 years, I now for the first time am going to increase the rent. Do I use a section 13 / Form 4 - needs to be official as it goes to housing benefits :slight_smile:

Also is it best to carry on as a periodic (the renter is a family member) so happy for this

Hi Emma, I don’t know tons about this but I’d love to learn more. Is this a situation where you are paid the housing benefit directly? And you’re saying that the local authority won’t accept a written agreement, but in fact require you to serve a rent increase notice?


Hi no I’m not saying the council won’t accept. I just want to ensure that the correct form is submitted. Not sure which is correct. Housing benefit is paid direct to the claimant not me.

I use Form 4 and I keep the tenancies as periodic. Can’t see any reason to grant new fixed term in this instance.