Paragraph 3 on Form 4 - Section 13 Rent incease

Hi All,

I’m stuck on paragraph 3 of form 4. Have read the notes still unclear.
This will be the first time i am using section 13 to increase rent.
Mutual rent increase was done last year and correct notice was provided and tenant paid.
So what date do i put in paragraph 3. The date it was increased last year? or the date the tenancy began as i’ve never used section 13 before.
Thanks in advance

Just an update to help others who may have same question.
Paragraph 3 of form 4 (section 13 rent increase notice) is basically the last date rent was increased using the section 13 notice.
If you have never used the section 13 notice to increase rent before (in my case, always done mutually with tenant), then the date here would be the same as the date you put in paragraph 4. So for eg, if the new rent amount will ve valid from 01/01/23, i would put the same date in paragraph 3.

Hope that makes sense!

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I too was confused about paragraph 3 and like you had always had mutually agreed rent increase’s before not using S13. I have just issued a S13 myself and being the first S13 increase I put the same start date in paragraph 3 & 4 as well.

We had agreed to a rent increase to start in April but my tenant asked for it to be deferred until June and she’ll catch up on 2 months increases later in the year etc, we’re now in June/July and low and behold now requires a S13. I now believe she used this tactic to stall having to pay what we’d previously agreed. I aren’t sure how much legal standing I’d have talking action for what is effectively arrears from April as it was an informal agreement by text, followed up with a letter by no signature.

My bad, lesson learnt.