Free Flats for NHS staff

Hello, given the emergency situation around Covid19 and the presume availability of empty “short term rentals” in London, I wanted to request your assistance to make a difference. Is it possible to create the possibility through your platform to offer free short term lettings to NHS staff that need to be close to their work to tackle the crisis? I personally have a place available in Shoreditch that would like to make available for the duration of the crisis but do not have the platform to do so. I have more landlords who are interested in offering their flats as well.

Many thanks


Are you a landlord? Would you genuinely use this feature if we build it? Let us know in poll and in the comments!



I think this is a great idea, Leo. Maybe if there are sufficient landlords with available flats in the hub around the hospitals then there could be regular cleaning service arranged - through OpenRent? - as my concern is to keep them and everyone around safe.

Subject to these cleaning service companies operating I am sure we can arrange and pick up the costs.
It is paramount however that a platform is formed for the flats to be uploaded and NHS staff having the possibility to book them - government should support as well. I tried contacted Airbnb with no luck so I hope OpenRent can pick up the platform and part of the coordination as they have the know-how.

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that is a very good idea. I ve got one flat coming empty mid april If they clean it. pay the council tax elec and gas. I am in. Its not near a hospital tho its 8 miles away

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Anything from OpenRent?

Hi Leo, we’d be really happy to give this a go if enough landlords were going to use it! It’s amazing how much generousity is around at the moment, and if we can help channel that towards people who need it most, we’d love to do our bit.

We’d just need to test how many people have properties they’d be willing to let on this basis, which is quite hard to do.


  • I have a property or room, and would let it to key workers for free

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Thank for picking it up Sam. I think its a bit of a chicken and egg situation to be honest with you. Without some proper reach to the people that have those flats I am not sure of the success. I would imagine people already listed on OpenRent rent their flats on mid-term to long term basis. I would imagine it would take for open rent to open to a new market (and at the same time probably have an incredible advertising opportunity). I have read in the news that in other countries similar initiatives have taken enough momentum.

hope we can move this forward

Hi All,

Just found this initiative proposed by Leo2. Did it go anywhere?

I will have a flat in London for let from March and was thinking about offering it through the NHS (at a discount) if they have such a facility to find accommodation for their staff? But could consider a freebie for a few months as a possibility.
Any ideas?

NHS don’t offer staff accommodation as far as I’m aware. They have sleep rooms within the hospitals for staff to use between long shifts etc. They wont have the budget to pay for anything externally, especially as a lot of hospitals charge their staff £6 a day to park (even during covid)!!

Hi Caitlin

I’ve since been in touch with a number of hospitals who tend to have bulletin boards advertising properties that staff may choose to follow-up on, to rent. They are amenable to posting details, although may not link to Open rent directly.

Hi Nigel,

Yes that sounds about right - make a flyer and add your contact details maybe for the staff rooms? You could then direct interested parties to complete the Open Rent application.
There’s also the student hospital staff, perhaps you could speak to the local universities also about nursing/pre doctorate members?

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