From Referencing to Contract on OpenRent

Hi, I found a house through OpenRent and the lovely landlord accepted my offer and initiated referencing, which was completed within a day because I alerted my employer and current landlord. OpenRent sent a message saying my report is now with the landlord. Does this mean I passed referencing? I have great credit and rental history but this is the first time I am being referenced.

Two days later, I still have not received a contract to sign to finalise the rental. Is this normal and how long does it typically take? Is it possible that the landlord is still considering other tenants? I need to move out of my current place soon and I want to know how certain the rental is at this point.



You can view the outcome of your referencing by logging into the website. It’s ultimately the landlord’s decision as to whether they’re looking to proceed - I can see the team have already been in touch on this point also.

Within Rent Now, the landlord’s property isn’t advertised, so it’s in everybody’s interest for a decision on referencing to come about sooner rather than later. We’ll always chase for a response to get things moving and you’re naturally free to do the same.

Any questions, let me know.