Im not getting a lot of hits on my pad - after reducing the rent price

hi i m not getting a lot of hits or views after reducing the rent price for a luxury estate apartment. is it just the timing > as people cant afford to rent , or what is wrong > this listing has everything included , and you won’t find a better deal elsewhere location wise,. etc. All perks included. I just don’t understand why people are not interested comparing to what other places offer , this has everything really.


Is it more expensive than similar properties without these perks?

no its fully furnished - apartments going here that are not fully furnished are the same price as what I have advertised. all bills included, so really they are getting a bargain. it should cost more as its fully furnishes with bills included. I compared it to rates going in properties with the same specs.

Where are you advertising?

as its fully furnished, and the room has its own wardrobe, they have there own bathroom etc i really should be pricing it higher

Many tenants prefer unfurnished so they do not have to store their own furniture.

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Ask a local agent what the level and type of demand there is in that area

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You havent said where you are advertising?

on open rent am listed

its fully furnished but with the basic things like sofa, bed , wardrobe, kitchen has toaster, kettle etc, they have there own bathroom -

its not fully furnished in any way shape or form to a characterized style. its just very modern and basic.

If its just openrent you won’t get much of a response. I have never had anything worthwhile from openrent. It need to be on RightMove and zoopla. (Openrent Paid listing is £29).

Unfortunately, from my experience and from what letting agents have told me, there isn’t much difference in rent if the property is furnished or unfurnished. I would not expect a furnished property to command significantly more than an unfurnished one. Particularly as you have mentioned, the furnishing is basic. Also, why are you letting with all bills included? That could go wrong very quickly as you would remain liable for bills. As @Mark10 said, you need to get the paid advertising package for Zoopla and Rightmove, which is where most people will go to search for properties. Good luck.

@Amy44 - Sorry to hear you’re not getting the desired response to your advert. As others have said above, you’re currently only advertising on OpenRent, which does limit your exposure. You can upgrade your advert at any time from the site.

Having said that, I can see you have had 10 or so enquiries so far. Make sure you respond to tenants promptly, and follow up with them. I can see several tenants haven’t been responded to at all, as well as several who need following up with.

As you are advertising a room in a shared house, it’s important to build rapport with the potential tenant - they aren’t only looking for a room, but will also be getting a new housemate. I suspect you’d also want the same from the tenant. It can of course be harder to find the right “fit” when it’s a housemate, vs. renting out an entire property.

We also sent you an email on the 29th March with subject: “Get more enquiries for your…” - it might be worth revisiting that email which has some tips specific to your advert.

Good luck in your search!

its not more expensive than an unfurnished place - in fact its a very good price - but i feel i only have really 1 interested person - out of not a very large selection of choice. I think the area and the for what you get here is such a gorgeous area, its almost unusually brand new. but on open rent i still have less than a handful of interest.

I feel if dropping it lower - doesn’t meet the standards of the area - and when comparing it to what is advertised around here it’s the same price. So I’m surprised the lack of interest - on this site, when may have had rented out on here and had someone in the place within just 3 days - am i still doing something wrong ?

Have you just got it on Openrent? Is that where you are looking at comparable properties too?

If not, if you are looking at Rightmove, Gumtree etc to find similar properties, you might be better with paid advertising that gets it on those platforms too?

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Amy if you arnt on RightMove or Zoopla then you will almost certainly struggle. Listen to what we are all saying. Make sure you advertise on these portals, use the paid for openrent service if you arnt already? Confirm this first and we will have a clearer picture.

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Many thanks everyone ! I will certainly take on the advice and see if the outcome is better. Thank you in advance x

What area is it in ?

Hi Amy44,
I am looking to rent a one bed flat or studio in the West Midlands.
Do you have a flat in the West Midlands?

kind regards,