Furniture nightmare

I have a problem with tenants breaking bed frames and claim they did not do it saying it was poor quality, but there is a lot of demand for furnished houses in the area, so decide to provide them. I even put in the agreement that if any furniture breaks during tenancy and is if no use, landlord won’t replace them. I did the same for washing machine, since then I have not had people shuffling stuff inside the machine, but with the bed frames, been a hassle. any ideas to manage welcome.

were they really good quality? after you have humped a few beds in and out you think after a while you let your tenants get their own. also let them rent their washing machines. if you provide a bed you need to provide a bed and any adjudicator will come down on the tenants side thats just one of the facts of life for landlords.
this is all small stuff and after a while you will just roll with it i suspect you are new to renting but we all go through it. serious tip: dont upset your tenants whilst in occupation unless its absolutely essential

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thanks Sidney
yes good quality, it is always not their fault, washing m or furniture breakdown, how is that when we look after they last many yrs and with tenants just a year or two? 3 washing machines broke in 3 yrs. Someone else’s stuff, they don’t look after like it is their own. Yes I am aware how adjudicators treat landlords. I say to tenants at the beginning of the contract, it is there for u to make a fresh start, if u break it won’t get replaced. so far worked.

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that is why i rent unfurnished


sensible, I have decided to rent unfurnished for one of them

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