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Dear Openrent,

This is the last time I will be using your services for Landlords Gas Certificates.

I’ve had so many issues using this service the latest is the last straw.

I have had issues from your gas safe engineers not putting the correct expiry dates as they are unaware that Certificates can be issued upto 2 months before the expiry of the old certificate and honour the expiry date of the old certificate into the new Certificates.

I’ve had to send countless emails to your gas engineers and to yourselves also gas safe register.

I still have some of the certificates incorrectly dated even after explaining to them how to correctly issue the certificates.

Now I find all the certificates are invalid because none have been issued with the Landlord address. The gas safe register have confirmed this as well as the Councils.

Your gas safe engineers are plain stupid and you are allowing this to continue.

Whats the point of issuing all the other documents to your Landlords to make them compliant if the gas safe certificates are non compliant.

You are just as at fault for not checking your gas safe engineers are giving the right advice and correctly issuing gas safe certificates.

Thanking you very much,

Hassan Latif

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Don’t hold back. Say what you really mean. :blush:


bad service from those engineers ? Do not use again.


The only service I’d use them for is to market property via R/M, Zoopla, etc. They manage that without problems.

Well I use a plumber/gastech ( I refuse to call them engineers) who will do regular plumbing too so they can check the taps and wastes etc at the same time plus he checks the CO detector and smoke detectors so maybe seek one out
One thing my plumber doesn’t put my home address on, is that really a requirement? I have always avoided this for common sense reasons

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we had a horrible experience with gas safety as well. there was a leak 10 days after it was done. we had to call another engineer and they deemed the boiler unsafe due to Co2 Leak and cut the gas pipe right away. there was discoloration on the back panel which is a sign of Co2 leak being going on for a long time.
we had used Openrent gas saftey + boiler services in the past 4 years!!!

That’s the first time I’ve heard what you have said, effectively that a gas certificate lasts 14 months!!

An annual gas safety certificate only last 12 months from the date of inspection according to Gas Safe. You can have a gas inspection and new certificate at any time and also have your boiler or appliance condemned if it is found unsafe.

It is not mandatory to put landlords details on the certificate, often agents details are added.

Landlords must however have a copy of the certificate and hold for their records, the tenant must also have one.

The gas safety inspection (it’s not a service as this differs and is not done every year) must also include all other gas appliances in the property (boilers, cookers, ovens , fires etc) which must also be shown on the certificate. They should also test & comment on any mandatory detectors.

Certain items are excluded from the inspection and it is recommended the engineer is requested to test the pipe points etc (where possible) but as this is outside the standard inspection, costs may vary or be nil. Before the engineer leaves there should be no leaks from the tests and inspection.

Openrent request enquiries from Plumbers to undertake inspections in various areas but O.R. paid fees are so low many will not do them for that price. At a retail price of £45 from O.R no plumber is making money.

Some plumbers are lazy and don’t bother to cc the landlord or agent the certs, some are very good and do a great job.

From: Gas safety - landlords and letting agents

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 you can have the annual gas safety check on each appliance or flue carried out up to 2 months before the date the check needs to be carried out but still retain the original deadline date as if the check had been carried out exactly 12 months after the previous check.

similar to doing mot on car a little earlier , but still retaining the original date

Something sensible for once.

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Brian I hope your not a gas engineer, this is exactly the issue, no the expiry date does not have to be 12 months from date of inspection it can be up to 14 months provided you can show previous gas certificate. Yes like the MOT on the vehicle your driving.

If Landlord address is not added or agents if using one the certificate is void, this information is a legal requirement. Check with Gas Safe Register, Government Website, Local Council

Any gas safe engineers reading this check with your regularity body.

Landlords be warned if the gas certificate does not have Landlords address or agents address if you are using one you have a worthless piece of paper and will not be valid in legal matters if you have issues with your Tenants and want to use the S21 notice

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Well Hassan1 is absolutely correct. The tenant has my business address on the AST, but whilst missing it on the test cert might be arguably a technicality - why risk it. In future will be adding the business address to all gas certs

google excerpt follows:
6 essential parts that need to be completed on the certificate:

  1. The engineer’s name, company name, and Gas Safe Registration Number
  2. The landlord’s name and address (can also/instead be the name of your managing agent if applicable, but ideally it should have both!)
  3. All of the gas appliances in the property need to have been listed and checked, including any that are disconnected or capped (even if they were disconnected or capped on a previous visit)
  4. Either an operating pressure or a heat input figure for all appliances listed above
  5. A tick to show the Gas Tightness has been tested
  6. The date the checks were conducted and the certificate produced

Not all engineers are the same, i do safety inspections via openrent in the tyne and wear/ co durham area. I alway msg landlords beforehand and send images of all requirements

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