Gas safety certificate breach

I have just moved into a property. Everything is going wrong with water and heating. I have asked today if he has a Gas safety certificate in date and why i havent received it. He says i dont always need one. Yes i do i know my rights. On these grounds i have lost my confidence in him. Can i cancel my contract only been in two weeks. I didnt even get a copy of my bond deposit scheme either. I want out asap this guy is a cowboy.

Let the LL know you will have no choice but to do the following if a current and valid gas certificate and the Prescribed Information from your deposit isn’t produced within a week (I’m assuming you have sole use of the property).

  1. Report landlord to the HSE for the issue with gas certificate
  2. Report to the council if the Prescribed Information from a regulated deposit protection scheme isn’t produced.
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I had this problem too and its Nilesh is correct.
I was shocked to find that the gas certificate is a serious offence, a criminal offence, that
is fortunate leverage to get your money back and get out of tenancy.

Thats great thankyou very much for your feedback.

Reporting to the Council will do little, as ultimately you will end up paying for the Gas Cert if you want to be safe, you’ll be advised you can seek to get that money back from the Landlord but unless you go to court, good luck.

From the instance you tell HSE you now have a Gas cert they will do nothing too. However, before having a Gas cert, the HSE will serve notice on the Landlord to produce a valid Gas cert, and give them 20 days to produce one, BUT 1 of two things will happen, the Landlord will get one, or you will get one, from that moment the HSE will do nothing, and even in the situation you get one they will not follow up if the Landlord has one, as having a cert on the property deems it covered regardless of who got it. So if you wana be safe, do yourself a favour get one, or if you’re set to move out then so be it.

As for reporting to council, they will do nada, zip, zilch, as they assume the HSE will, and will play the waiting game until you instigate the HSE.

As for not having the deposit secured, unless you go to court or have a reaosnable Landlord, you won;t get or see that money for awhile.


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Is the boiler less than 12 months old? Is it definitely a gas boiler?

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