Old gas safety certificates

Hi, I have moved out of my flat that I rented for two years , I only have one gas safety certificate from when I moved in , my landlord said he cant find the one from last year, I am I entitled to it.



why do you need it if you are moving out?


Hi , Ive moved out but I should of been given it last year.How do I know if it was carried out if i dont have a copy.

Isnt it a bit late to be asking for it? What is your motivation?


Hi, well this is my question , dose my landlord have to give it me , if they didnt carry it out then they broke the law and i can make a claim.

I thought as much… IF you lived there then you would remember if anyone came to check it?

Yes I dont remember anyone coming last year so it wasnt carried out.

What claim do you think you can make?

Not sure, any advice will be welcomed.
Was thinking of going to the small claims court.

You can only sue for your losses, so what were those?


Well No losses as such.
Should I report it instead.

what we are all thinking is why do you want to get your landlord into trouble ?


I can’t really answer that one.
I was more looking for the best way to proceed with asking for the certificates but it dose not look like that’s a option.

if you are not there you do not need the certificates. Only for your present abode

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Thank you Colin.I appreciate the feedback.

If your motivation is to prevent future tenants being at risk in the property, then write to the landlord pointing out his mistake.


Exactly greedy money grabbers. Hopefully they will find it and give bad references in future.


Please give your full name so we can all avoid you.


If you’ve already left the property kindly answer the simple question, WHY?

What are you hoping to achieve / gain from this action?

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I don’t see any point in pursuing this unless you are genuinely concerned for the safety of future tenants, and the landlord had been dreadful.

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