Gas safety certificate for each new tenancy?

Help - my trusted plumber of 8 years tells me I now need a new Gas Safety Cert. (service) each time I have new tenants - even when the previous one is still valid. I thought a copy of the cert. should be provided to tenants within 28 days of annual service and at the start of a new tenancy (only? Am I wrong?

You are correct ( gas cert should be provided in advance of contract ref section 21)
Legally you need a gas safety certificate every year and not at change of tenants. Gas certificates at change of tenancy is a recommendation not a legal requirement.
You can call gas safe for confirmation.

Maybe your “trusted” plumber is not so trusty after all.

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I think he has misinterpreted the wording. I will get the new service done a few weeks earlier than necessary without changing the original date. Thanks to everyone for responding!

The law changed so you can get your certificate done two months early and still keep the original renewal date