Hi there re gas safety

We have a valid gas safety cert until June 2020. New tenants will move in soon. Do we need a new inspection and certificate for the new tenancy ?

no the boiler has the cert not the tenant

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Colin is completely correct however you should check with your local authorities as some local authorities have been advising on a new gas safety certificate when a new tenant moves in regardless to the existing CP 12 being valid.
looking closely at the rules for tenanted properties it really depends on what kind of tenanted property you have and what kind of tenants you have however if you are unsure according to the handbook one should be getting a new CP 12 at the commencement of a new tenancy regardless as this covers you completely in the event of something like a vexatious tenant creating a gas leak or damaging a gas pipe or suchlike just before they move out and therefore you may not be privy to the damages without employing the correct persons to sign off the works from the gas safe register this is the main purpose of getting another CP 12 at the commencement of the tenancy.

I personally would only do it if the local authorities say that I should do it however I am in a slightly different situation as I was a gas engineer for quite a long time so I have quite a large advantage myself whereas you might not for instance.
don’t forget the main purpose of the certificate is to protect yourself in the situation of a problem occurring as if one ever does everybody will come to you and ask you for that certificate at the commencement of the tenancy and if you don’t have one you could be seen as negligence at the very least which can be seen as an extremely serious breach.

I further recommend you to contact the gas safe register and ask them their current roles for your situation so that you don’t live in fear if you decide not to get the CP 12.

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Why on earth would a council insist you need a new Gas certificate before the old one runs out? That’s just bonkers!

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im sure i explained why,
because the existing tenant may create a gas leak and put the next tenant at risk which would be the Landlords fault