Gas Safety Service

Dear Landlord Community,
I just wanted to share my experience of using Open Rent gas safety service. I had pay upfront to book for an engineer to come round last Thursday (18th Dec) . I successfully passed, I am however still waiting for Open Rent to email me my certificate! My tenants move in on 27th Dec. I need to supply the tenants a valid certificate or I will be breaking the law.
Open Rent’s gas safety team have been unavailable to speak since 20th December and are now on holiday until Jan 2021!
It is unlikely I will now be able to book another gas safety engineer before 27th Dec. I will also be out-of pocket if I find another engineer as Open Rent take ALL YOUR MONEY UPFRONT.
Most other companies I have used in the past, take money after they have done the gas safety check.
I am now regretting using Open Rent to do my gas safety check .

Any suggestions?

Best wishes

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i use my own guy He writes the cert out at the job .I pay him .Job done