OpenRent Gas Safety Certificate nightmare

Hi, I booked a gas safety certificate thorugh OpenRent and gave the preferred dates as after 23 Oct and gave the tenants name and number for arranging the appointment. Got an email this morning saying it’s been booked for 8am on Monday, 16 Oct. The tenant was not contacted and is not available. No one from the agency I use is either. I’ve replied to the engineer using OpenRent messaging with urgent messages within an hour or receiving the notification but no reply. I fear that the engineer will just show up, charge me a no show and OpenRent won’t help. Already contacted OpenRent who will respond in ‘1 working day’ which is obviously too late. Can’t believe this is so difficult. We’ve had a no show charge before when tenant claims she wasn’t informed and OpenRent claimed she was, so it’s very hard for me as a landlord to prove either way, but this is ridiculous that this is happening again! A shockingly poor service. Any advice gratefully received please?

Use a local gas engineer that you find yourself and can actually speak with.


This seems to be happening a lot I have not seen a response from openrent .Have I missed it ?

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They have nothing to say.

We were other unfortunate ones. I would not recommend using “Open Rent approved” engineers at all.

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