Uploading Gas safety certificate

Can I upload my gas safety certificate to Openrent?
Last year I booked mine through Openrent. A plumber from Blackburn turned up opened the cupboard looked at the boiler without touching it, then did a quick test on the meter & was out of the flat in under 5 minutes.
This year I got a highly recommend chap to do it. He spent a good 20 minutes to half hour servicing & testing for the same price.

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You surely can and should. Once you got to My Tenancies panel and select relevant tenancy. Just below details of the tenant you have “My tenancy documents section” you can upload your gas cert there.

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Thank you Malgorzata,
Easy when you know how x

I was trying to add it to my new tenants starting next month rather than my existing tenant.
Problem solved, thanks.

Current tenant gave a month’s notice when he paid the rent. I advertised the flat on Openrent a week later & got a reply from suitable tenants within 10 minutes. Well done Openrent :slightly_smiling_face::clinking_glasses:

I’ve heard that rental market is on a rise but I suspect you have an attractive property in sought area. Good for you, soooo much better to select from offers. I rented my flat with no issues twice throughout the pandemic but the difference was selecting between one or two offers vs having 5/6 viewings putting offers after first day of viewings.

Prices are on the up. I’ve kept mine at a reasonable price & it’s a large 1 bedroom flat which is warm & dry unlike most of the other rentals in town.

I’m in Darwen Lancashire, as seen on tv’s Nightmare Tenants :slightly_smiling_face:

A proper gas engineer cannt do a gas cert in less than 30 mins. Any less means they are cutting corners

It could of been longer I was chatting to the downstairs neighbour at the time. At least he took it apart & cleaned it unlike last year’s

I too had a bad experience with a Gas Safety booked through OpenRent. While I have used Open rent for the past 3 years and highly recommend it, I’d never again use a gas certificate through OpenRent again. The guy who did the inspection in my House booked it for 10:00am and turned up past 2pm. He checked my boiler and immediately told me it was leaking water (total lie) and a rubber needed to be changed, which costs £60.00 (that’s the way they make money). My boiler was brand new !! He said he needed to go out to buy the rubber and I saw him sitting in his van. The only reason I paid is because I was going to travel and my Tenants would be moving in and would not have time to book another inspection. But never ever again I will use Open rent Gas Certificate.


Hi Olga,
Welcome to the forum. Yes as you’ve paid up front for an Openrent plumber your stuck with them unless you’ve got time to get someone else in.