Gaurantor, report suggests credit "high risk"

I have candidates (who have no UK living history), and they initially proposed a gaurantor who failed the reference chekc, and they then proposed another gaurantor who passed the referenced check, but in the mean time the report suggest “high risk” for credit risk (the score is extremely low).

As the second gaurantor passed the reference check (though with 'high risk" for credit risk), I can buy rental gaurantee insurance via Openrent.

However, I am still a bit concerned and struggling with a decision-what if it were you? what do you suggest? thanks.


I wouldn’t touch anyone like that with a barge pole.
Extra month looking for a good tenant or a months of rent arrears or evictions.


Wait for a better tenant


I don’t consider anyone who is “high risk” to have passed a reference. Are you sure you can still get rent guarantee insurance for them ?

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I think so - I tried and I reached the payment page.

That is why I was so confused.

A pass is a pass. Obviously there will always be those who ‘just passed’ as there will be those who ‘easily passed’.

You make your decision to accept or not & to insure or not, depending on that report. Some you might… some you might not. It’s a personal thing… never a right or wrong… without the benefit of hindsight.

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