GDPI..any help greatly appreciated

Hi, I wonder if anyone could kindly help please.

I am registered as a landlord for GDPR but I am confused as to how I ensure that I comply with GDPR. I only hold tenants telephone numbers on a mobile and emails / initial verification of tenants ie passport on an iPad. Emails /texts are deleted once the conversation has been concluded. Both my mobile and iPad are “Apple” products and I understand”Apple” uses sophisticated protection software, and both devices are fingerprint protected to log in…so my questions are…

  1. do I need any additional ‘protection’ software to be downloaded to either my iPhone or iPad
  2. do I need to do anything other than delete unnecessary emails / texts from tenants

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance

You need 3 things.

  1. A well thought through plan of how you receive, store, share and delete all tenant data.
  2. A comprehensive GDPR privacy notice that explains all this and which you issue to your tenants at the earliest opportunity
  3. To register with the ICO

You can get a template Privacy Notice from NRLA or other internet sources, which you customise.

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Thanks so much for your help

I keep everything bar email address and phone number in a safe .
Just deleting a email doesn’t mean it’s deleted far from it ! I ask my agency to do a paper tenancy !
And there are good policies online to download.
In real terms unless you do something stupid it shouldn’t be a problem , most common problems are phone and laptop being nicked.