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GDPR compliance for Landlords

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone on here can advise on the wording for a Privacy Notice for GDPR compliance?

I’m aware of the advice on this site ( Our Data Protection Policy: GDPR Update | OpenRent ) and the information and tools offered by the NRLA but would be interested to know how others have approached this matter and if anyone has a Privacy Notice wording they would be willing to share or general comments about the best way to address it.

Many thanks,

I use the one from Tessa’s website on Landlord Law
Do not include your data information notice as part of your contract. Serve as a separate entity so it does not terminate if your contract terminates.

Thanks A_A. It looks an interesting site, I will consider it. Thanks for your advice on the Privacy Statement as well, will do.

In addition, do remember to make sure you’re registered with the ico. It’s cheap enough, and a legal requirement now.

Thanks for the reminder…

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