Landlord asking for V. Personal Docs

Hey all, I feel my landlord is not a nice human (there are long standing issues [turning up without any notice (not entering the building, but does linger around the garden [premisis]), but i’ll try and be specific with this query).

He is asking me for personal docs linked to my recent name change which is fair enough, but I want to make sure he handles my data in accordance with GDPR as I dont trust him.

Does anyone know a good file sharing platform where the person has to agree to GDPR before they download? Hopefully you understand where I am coming from.

He should have given you a copy of his GDPR policy/privacy notice before the tenancy began telling you exactly how he will handle your data. He should also be registered with the ICO. This is true for all landlords.

I wouldnt give sensitive information to anyone who has not even considered how they will handle it.

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No ICO registration and GDPR notice = do not hand over personal data. If the LL demands it, inform him/her of their obligations and if they do not comply, report them to the ICO.

I know one LL who wasn’t registered and he would get all the documents off tenants and couldn’t care less.
The tenant grassed him to ico and all they said was pay the £35 fee and on you go ,unfortunately the tenant was given sect 21 the following day .

If you donot trust him, it doesn’t matter whatever method you think he is handling your data with. To be frank your request doesn’t make a difference. There are shed loads of companies/ individuals you think they are regulated but they aren’t in practice and no way you can prove it. If you do not trust him what makes you believe that he will handle it correctly. If someone trust you with his home, you need to have a bit of faith in them. If he is lingering around probably he doesn’t trust you either. I think LL-Tenant relation should end.


Being ICO registered and GDPR means nothing. Anyone can register, pay their fee and not care about being compliant.

False sense of security.

The numbers, and perhaps more significantly the types of businesses I’ve seen who claim to be but don’t practice it would shock you.

The law itself is totally flawed. It requires “reasonable measures” to be taken in the management and storing of data, it’s almost laughable.


Oh believe you me I could write a write a book.

I have no reason not to believe you, but don’t understand why you stay.

There are plenty of good landlords out there.

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