Getting deposit back

Hi looking for some help. I moved out of my previous rented flat on 2nd April 19 and my previous Letting agent had not returned my deposit. I called and emailed and they said that they would return but they haven’t , so I opened a money claim online to proceed court action .(also appears that the deposit was not protected either) they have not responded to any part of the claim and the court has issued judgement against them.
My concern is I used MCOL but after having read the guidance notes it says that you shouldn’t use for tenancy deposit issues and diverts you to the HM Gov website which says that you should issue court procedure if they fail to return the deposit. So I’m a little worried that if I Pursue that it will not be valid. I’m also claiming for x3 the rent amount for the deposit that wasn’t protected and overpaid rent that they promised to return.