Getting into renting social housing

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I’ve a portfolio and I’m selling it off. I am a little confused as to how best to get into the social housing scene. Does anyone on this chat have homes that the council rent out for you and offer guaranteed rents / set rents?

I was always under the impression that if you buy a home with a mortgage and give to the counsel to rent out in your held that this is a breach of the mortgage terms and conditions as most mortgages stipulate that we must let to working tenants. Therefore I’ve never got into social housing as I don’t have homes unencumbered

Can I use a mortgage to get into social housing and does anyone see this as a good investment for 2024?

Appreciate your views

Thanks all

Google how much rent is owed to social housing providers. I need say no more.


The question is… Why would you make that move in today’s market?

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