Good boiler & central heating insurer recommendations

I am currently insured with Plus Heat and having nothing but bother with them. Does anyone recommend a good insurer that actually has competent heating engineers?


sorry to hear you are having trouble with Plus Heat. Have had huge trouble with British Gas administration system. Their engineers have always been good and response to Homecare calls good, however their ability to make the administration simple and easy if you have more than one property has been abysmal. They are slow to update on line information and since the lock down have deferred our gas safety certification twice. I would not choose British Gas again.

I’ve just had a new boiler fitted. Cost me £1,650 fitted and it has a 10 year parts and labour warranty. So that’s effectively £165pa (fixed cost, no inflation). Add an annual service and certificate at £70 and that’s £235pa, with a brand new boiler which is more efficient and shouldn’t break down.

My British Gas service plan, when I last had one, was £29pm = £348, with a £99 call out fee. That used to go up by way more than inflation each year.

So, the new boiler was a no brainer for me!

Depends on your current set up though. New boiler at another house cost over £3k because it was replacing an old floor standing boiler in the middle of the house and it needed a new gas supply/flue etc to comply with modern standards, and we switched to Combi.

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