Central heating service plan including gas safety

Can anybody recommend a good central heating service plan than includes emergency call out, gas safety certificate and boiler service ??

A LL stated on another platform that British Gas was very good although I imagine as usual they are expensive. LL is a woman and particularly liked the fact their engineers turn up in BG uniform and ID badge etc. which is reassuring particularly for female tenants. I got mine as a bolt on from my LL Insurance.

I liked the look of Homeserve as they do a gas safety and annual service for £11 a month but then i noticed in the second year it goes up to £23.45 a month, thats a big increase. Its knowing who these companies are

I heard that British Gas do a service “annually” and that they sometimes service twice within a few months of each other as this is still classed as annually. Can anyone confirm?

I added a bolt on to my Direct Line policy, approx £160 as a add on but fully comprehensive. Works out approx £13-14 per month with no excess.

I just get the boiler serviced and gas cert done seprately

I cannot confirm this although I can imagine it is true. I used to work in a safety critical environment and as part of my role by law I had to be given refresher knowledge training annually. The employer started to adopt this policy of sometimes having us perform this training twice in a 6 month period and then the next time would be 2 or 3 years later. The employer would say it was an average of once a year.

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Yes, I haven’t been hugely impressed by Homeserve either as they also pushed the prices up on me. I’m now with 247 Home Rescue who are cheap but a complete disaster. They recently cut off my home boiler after a routine service as they claimed it was unsafe. That’s when I discovered that my cover was worthless and I needed to pay for an independent engineer to fix it and do a proper service.

I was previously with British Gas and will probably go back to them again. They are so much more expensive but at least more reliable than some of these cheap cowboy companies.

Thats good to hear as i signed up yesterday with British Gas, its just over £20 a month for what they call homeserve 3 which covers the plumbing and electrics. It was approx £15 a month for boiler cover but the last problem i had was a pipe under the bath became unconnected and water gushed out to the kitchen below. So i figured its not worth saving a few pounds a month and if that happened again for it not to be covered. Seems good so far, i have already scheduled an appointment for the boiler to be serviced.

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