Good Size Flat or 2 Bed House Needed

Dear Property owners,

I am a 50 year old male, I work full time in a career job (employed longer than 10 years in the same job). I am looking to move out of London as my job is moving south, I want to rent either a good sized flat with a garden or more preferable a 2 bed house.

I have very good references, both employment and current landlord, payslips and ID for your checks absolutely no issues there. No kids, they are big now! very clean and tidy, in fact current tenancy I worked with landlord and refurbished the whole flat myself. Cannot get a better tenant than that. I am looking for somewhere to call a home and will treat it as such and require a longer term rental please. 2 years +.if possible.

Areas considered are from the West as far as Crawley, Gatwick Airport to the East as far as Maidstone and as far south as Worthing or Brighton and maybe Hastings if the property is good enough. I will need parking which should be either on a drive or car park if a flat. I work very late at night so transport links may not help me much.

Need to know anything else? Let me know. A must is outside space and my own door is preferred but I appreciate if its a flat that will be less likely.

Please ALWAYS provide a link to your property and or send images of the outside and inside of each room.

Thank you, lets hope there is a lovely home that needs a lovely tenant.


Hi I’m searching for 2 bed house with a little yard 2 hardworking people very clean in wavetree