Goodbye, farewell, alvederzane!

I contributed a few comments to an original post created back in March, but recently commented on by another. I pointed out some of the issues with OpenRent contracts and also pointed out in another post the flaw in the spin they put on their response to my critique. My responses were polite and respectful, but the subject was de-listed, so no longer available for others to see and comment on further.

OpenRent claimed unlisting the post was due to the original question having been answered and a normal housekeeping exercise, yet I did not find this excuse credible since there are a ton of redundant older posts. I can only presume they felt it was easier to censor my critique because they did not have a response.

I can’t see the point in continuing with a forum where customers’ critical views are monitored and effectively deleted. It’s a shame, as this site had potential, but not if they are going to behave in such a way. These forums rely on professional landlords to help and join-in with the community they are trying to create. Pulling stunts like this will undermine any sense of impartiality and this site will be regarded as nothing more than a partisan platform for flogging OpenRent services.

Cheerio, Martin.

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Hi Martin, Sorry you feel this way! The Community is full of people bringing issues to our attention – many including robust criticism of how OpenRent works. We always engage with this feedback just as we did with your comments.

We try to keep the Community as useful as possible for all users and sometimes that does mean delisting topics where the original question was answered a long time ago – in this case, March. (It bears mentioning that you won’t be able to see other topics which have been unlisted because they have been unlisted.)

I invited you to transfer your comments to a new, unlisted topic so that it could be seen publicly, but it seems like you don’t want to do this. I can do it for you if you’re unsure how to do this?


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As I said before, I don’t find your response credible, simply because there are numerous posts still listed where the last response is well before March and the question had been answered. Notwithstanding, the post you unlisted (deleted) was current in that there was a discussion underway. Why would you unlist a post where there is still a conversation underway, where posts are less than a day or two old, irrespective of whether or not the original question has been answered? At the very least it’s rude.


You are always so spot on and articulate with what you say in your posts and an invaluable help to us newer landlords. I hope you don’t go.

Hi Sam,

I will be glad if you can restore Martin’s post to it’s original status , he stated that there is still conversation going on with respect to his post.
To be relevant in this constantly changing business world you need to encourage constructive criticism. You will lose creditable customers who are opened and contribute positively to all issues on this forum. No business process or procedure are birth 100% perfect, but with contributions from customers, critics and regulators you move quicker to near perfection. If you don’t encourage people who will let you know at no cost, sooner your competitors will show you the way out of the market or you learn the hard way at a higher cost. It is not a shame to accept and improve on what doesn’t seem right.
You need criticism to bring to life what is next in the business world, because no business knows it all.

Martins, I hope you will give Open Rent another opportunity to uphold their perception by staying on as members of the Landlord community forum. Not for Open Rent but for all members of the community who believes and desires what is right. Your contributions, knowledge and experience means a lot to others on this forum if you leave. This might be your own contribution to human race, don’t allow adverse situation to change that.

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Hi, I’d be very happy to transfer Martin’s posts to a new topic that would be viewable by all users. I have offered to do this previously – shall I do that for you now @Martin12?

@Choices – we completely agree that getting feedback and criticism is very valuable. Hopefully you’ll be able to see that we engage with criticism in the way that you describe if Martin confirms he’d like his comments to be transfered to a new topic. I agree that the Community would be a worse place without Martin and hope he’ll continue to share his knowledge with other users.



Hi Sam,
We have got some problem for the deposit protection. We have got 2 Mydeposits account, one in personal name, another in company name. Sometimes we need to use personal name Mydeposit account, sometimes we need to use the company Mydeposits account. It depends on the property bought under the personal name or company name.
Nowadays your company never ask which Mydeposit account we want to use and just transfer the deposit. Before when your company use DPS, your company always ask which account we want to use before transfer the deposit. This is the second time your company transfer the deposit to the wrong account, we need to contact the Mydeposit to solve out the problem again.
We did tell your company regarding this issue a few months ago, now the same problem happen again.

Hi H.Y.S,

When we receive a deposit for a tenancy our systems automatically look for a MyDeposits account that matches the details that we hold so that we can get the deposit protected as quickly as possible.

Your OpenRent account can only be linked to one MyDeposits account, which will be the account that shares the same email address as the OpenRent account the tenancy was set up using.

You would need to create a new OpenRent account matching the details of your other MyDeposits account, and create any tenancies that should have their deposit protected there with that OpenRent account.

Otherwise, if you wish to move the deposit to your preferred account you would need to contact MyDeposits for guidance on if this is possible:
0333 321 9404

Please note that if you do move the deposit after it is initially protected then you will need to ensure that all relevant details and documents are provided to the tenants.

Kind regards,