Complaint re viewing

I am very disappointed with a recent request to view a property for my daughter and grandaughter who is in desperate need for a home. The housing have requested that she apply for rented and this property accepted DSS. I spoke directly with the landlord as this property was ideal in cost, location and size to enable family to help her. I was told by the landlord that I should help my daughter and she should live with us. He would not listen, was extremely rude and I was very upset. No one has any idea what personal circumstances there are in peoples lives and to be spoken to like this is disgusting.

Hello I wonder if it is the same landlord as I too have just had this back from a property I was interested in.
20x1 Hi Campbell,

The landlord has declined your enquiry, providing the following reason:

“The tenant wasn’t cooperating”

Please note that replies to this email are NOT sent to the landlord.

We’re sorry to hear things didn’t work out this time.

You can continue your search here:
This is total garbage as the landlord gave me one day/date which was unsuitable for me yet has never bothered to make any effort to arrange any suitable day/ date that both of us would be available for.
Seems strange and I have reported them to Openrent whether the do something about idiots like that then hope so as seems dodgy not to even abide by certain rules of using the site and leaving people in limbo due to like you have said rudeness, ignorance, being abrupt and disgusting how they have gone about this!

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