Grab rails, do I have to fit

My new tenants have asked for grab rails for the bath as they say a health and safety issue. Am I obliged to get them fitted.

Are they disabled? If not then no.
Any bath is slippery when wet.
Why not label kettle as “sometimes hot”.
Oven as “often very hot”.

This seems ridiculous when I think about it.

What about a tiled floor when wet?

Fit at your discretion with cost paid for by tenant. If I was in a good mood I would probably just sort it. :slight_smile:

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Changed my mind. Tell them to buy a rubber bath mat. Problem solved.

Ask if they want ars* wiped while you’re at it.

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grab rails are not expensive, If they do it they may crack the tiles. Up to you it is not a requirement


I have decided to say tenant can pay for a professional to fit grab rail but is liable if tiles broke.
Thanks. Ridiculous

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Maybe not ask that in case they say yes.


Rubber mat seems a good solution, you’re really funny :joy:

They’ve also complained about wi-fi and only moved in on 1st. My god the next 6 months are going to be fun.


You supply broadband and WIFI as part of the rent? That’s very generous of you. Personally I would never do this as it just creates extra responsibility and creates a rod for your own back. (Unless I ran a HMO).

Wifi is notoriously temperamental and can get worse over time as it can be effected by neighbours wifi and surrounding influences. Also depends what they are using it for, number of people connected etc. if multiple people all streaming Netflix it may well struggle.

You could consider wifi access points to extend and improve coverage but its just more responsibility and wouldn’t fix high usage problems. Personally I’d be saying I’ll reduce rent slightly and tell them to sort their own. Or tell them the wifi is complementary service and cannot be guaranteed as the nature of it means it’s subject to influences outside of your control. Depends if you’ve itemised it in AST or elsewhere.

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:laughing: Again Mark you are funny.
No I don’t supply wi-fi, however there is a BT connection point.

I’m contemplating offering her the option of moving out asap within the initial 6 month contract.

No wonder people sell up. I’ve let the flat for years and this one will be the problem

Take care and thanks

do a midterm inspection in 3 months, I find that most picky are also most chaotic and don’t look after the properties well.