There's a rat in the kitchen

Tenant has contacted me to say she thinks there might be a rat in the kitchen. Good tenant, I’ve done stuff over and above for them in the past that was not my responsibility to do. Is getting rid of the rat my responsibility or the tenants

dont you want them to stay? I change light bulbs, fit their washing machine Some in turn paint for me, cut the grass, clean the paving stones. Its all about both being happy. There are methods to trap/kill rodents

We have just had the same problem (twice now) and we have gone over and above for these people but did not even question asking them as don’t want rats chewing through the wiring. The council in our area offers a pest control service at a fraction of the cost so it’s worth asking in your area if such a service exists. (If the tenants are on benefits they can phone themselves and it is free.)

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